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my daughter did this

Pastel spring

Pink Old School Outfit Inspiration.


Hey, I have internet again -cries in emotion- I was without internet for several months (2 o 3… ;n;) and that was horrible. Whitout internet I had more time to think in my shitty feels, shitty life and my no talent in life (well, I’m good in maths but I don’t need this talent in my life :/!) so I think I was a little (a lot actually) depressed but I’m too lazy to go to the psychologist o something (more like I’m afraid about it) and this. I hope to forget my shitty feels and distract myself with internerd Yehaw!

SO I’m back! CC:

I was so boring so I made a bird (?) to elprimopatroclo C: I wish you like it C: 
is not finished yet, uuh I guess someday I’ll continue… I guess……..

The amazing Yutaan did it again! I’m so glad she picked Outo since it was that arc that really made me shipping these two. And she captured them perfectly! Kurogane in all his glorious grumpiness and Fai in his airy why-would-I-walk-if-I-can-skip ways. This is my fourth commission by her and I looove my growing collection.